12th March
Today we left Hobart for a run up the Midlands to Launceston.

Ready for the 'Off'

The sun is out but the morning is crisp. Getting out of Hobart is a little tricky but for some but Keith and I make a clean break on the road to Richmond and have the road to ourselves. This is great as the bends are quite predictable and we have a ball. On we got through Richmond and the road straighten out in places and we can get up to 60 MPH (~100KPH) no problem. On we go with no sign of the others, there is very little traffic. I make it to Highway 1 and I left Keith out of sight. Here I get the Honda up to 70 MPH (110KPH) and it seems to love it The next stop is to be Ross but as it go up the highway I notice a little heritage town of Oaklands so I detour in. It is a town almost entirely heritage buildings. It doesn’t have as many tourists as Ross but it is a lovely town well worth a visit.
Back on the Highway and on to Ross. You enter the town over a convict built bridge and like Oaklands the majority of buildings are heritage. This town caters to tourists but is well done.
Yet again we had to sample the culinary delights of the local bakery. Yet again we were not let down as the general opinion was that this was the best so far and we had sampled many.

Bridge into Ross

Church on the hill

War Memorial

Old Cottage

After meandering through the craft shops and antique stores it was time to leave. I left Keith to fuel up and set off back on the highway thinking I would fuel up in Campbell which I did. Back on the road I went for about twenty mile before I caught sight of a bike and sidecar some way ahead. I wound the Honda back up to 70 (110 KPH speed limit) again and soon caught up with the outfit which was Keith. Then it was just a comfortable ride into Launceston. What a great days ride everything was just about as good as it gets.

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