Lay Day

11th march
Yes today is a rest day. In some cases it was a chance to see some of the sights they had missed on the previous stop over, other took the opportunity to rest a weary back and other time to carry out running repairs. Kieth had a problem with the carburation on his BMW which he tried to sort out but in the end had to resort to an alternate ignition system. I spent and hour repairing my center stand which was threatening to fall off. Come lunch time we took a drive to the auto shop for part and a burger for lunch. By 3 o’clock Keith’s bike was back on the road so we hit the road. We head towards Port Arthur. We stopped at Sorell to use an ATM then continued on for about 20 K then thought no there isn’t enough time to go further so we headed back the way we had come. When we went through Sorell we forgot to turn left so we continued up the road and turned left for Richmond. Once in Richmond it was time for an ice cream and head for home.

Eating ice cream at Richmond




The day ended with a lovely meal in the motel washed down with cider.

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