Hobart Town Bound

6th March
Today we are bound for Hobart town. Should be a short morning ride and time enough for the Salamanca Markets.
That was the plan. At muster at 8:00am it was discovered that Keith’s Sidecar suspension had broke leaving the sidecar leaning to the left. Repairs were called for so it was decided to send everyone off and the baggage wagon would follow Keith and myself on the quick route to Hobart after we could manage a repair. Not so. One of the Townsville boys couldn’t get his Triumph so start. He had to put his bike on the trailer and then ride his wife’s Triumph. They eventually got off leaving Keith in the carpark effecting a jury rig on his sidecar. He managed to effect a repair by replacing the broken unit a ring spanner and a bit of rope, shades of the “World’s Fastest Indian”
We made Glenorcky (Hobart) in good time only to find we couldn’t check-in to our motel till after 2pm but the clean staff told use that they cleaned our room so a little gently persuasion we got into our room about 1pm.
I then rang my cousin who lives on Bruny Island to see if I could visit only to find out that he was in Austin Ferry which we had passed through on the way in. I when straight around and reminisced our early years.

2nd Cousin John

John wanted me to come down to Bruny Island and I will on my next visit to Tassie which won’t be too far in the future.

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