Craddle the Mountain

2nd March
Today run was great except we all missed the first instruction to turn off the Bass Hwy to Clayton Rd. This proved to be a dead end. The correct turnoff was at the sign a little further up the highway. Once underway again we went through some potato growing areas and on to Sheffield.

Mt Roland overlooks Sheffield

Sheffield is known as the town with the Murals, just about all large vertical surfaces have a mural on them. Also you can see Mt Roland in behind the town.

Side of a Shed

Bible Centre

Just about everyone made a beeline for the local bakery after the obligatory ‘P’ stop.
We then set off to the Cradle Mountain National Park. The road wound upward with the odd dip into a wooded valley then into the park. You are supposed to get a permit to go into the park but I think we missed the section that says pay here. Several rider went up the boom gate and it opened so what do you do but go in. We later learnt that the boom gate is used to control the amount of traffic on the road going up to the lake. The road is single lane but has two way traffic so it is a case of slowly does it and pick your spots to pass.

Craddle Mountain

The ride back to Ulverstone was a real treat as in one spot we descended into a valley with a 15 degree slope then back out the other side.

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