1st March
Today was shakedown day. It consisted of a short run out to Leven Gorge. Everyone gathered at the motel at 10 am for the start of the run. We had about 26 bikes, a recovery vehicle and baggage vehicle. The run went out through Ulverstone on to route B15. On the way you get glimpes of Cradle Mountain, the sea, farm land and forest. The day was sunny but the temperature would have only made 20 if at all. Most bikes survived with two having fuel leaks.

Leven Gorge

The Leven Gorge has a walk up to a lookout that extends out of the cliff top giving a wonderful view of the river far below.


The walk is up a steep rise of about 600 metres length and you can return the same way or you can go down 700 steps to the valley floor then walk back to the start up a long steep track. Being an able and fit being I came back the original track. Several keen ones took the long route and the comment from one was that the only other climb he had done like that was in New Guinea and that was through mud.
We had a small problem this afternoon as Cec was fixing a wiring fault on a BSA owned by a lady from Townsville. The bike fell knocking him to the ground and knocking his head. Poor Cec had split his head open and required 3 stiches. After he was patched up he straight back to fixing the bike.

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