Gathering of the Clan

27th February
It’s the gathering of the clan. We are at a farm north west of Melbourne waiting for those rally members that are leaving their vehicles on the mainland. The property owner has shown us around his collection of rare and vintage bikes. He has a brilliant collection in various stages of restoration,
While we are waiting he takes off on a 1935 Rudge 350cc, it looks like a scene from at Dad ‘n’ Dave movie, no helmet, singlet and shorts and gravel flying from the rear wheel.
Time is pasting and still no bikes have turned up then about 1:30 pm the crew from Townsville roll in. At last we have some action. They are well organized with Hi Vis Vests with their names on. Next a family roll in from S.A, Then just as everyone appears they are off to their accommodation for the night.
We are left to lock up the farm as the owner has taken off to attend a 4 day Rudge Rally.We go to a motel in Baccuhas Marsh and find a Chinese Resturant for dinner. The plan is coming together for Keith the tour leader.


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