Lose of Brenda’s Dear Friend

Christmas was just great, all went well and everyone was still in holiday mode.

Robert received a phone call on Thursday night 29th Dec from his best mate. He told Rob that his mum was unconscious on the floor and there was blood. He had called the ambulance and police and wanted Rob to come over. Rob and I went over to the house to find that Andrew’s mum Kylie was dead.

Kylie was Brenda’s best friend. She had been there for Brenda throughout the year.

Quoting Robert
“She was a wonderful and talented lady. Always helpful and caring to anyone she met. Very talented crafty lady and has made some amazing things in her time, most being some astonishing cakes.”

See the following news article Husband charged over fatal bashing. 30/12/2005. ABC News Online

We just hope justice is done so the family and many many friends can have closure as to why such a wonderful person’s life was taken.

5 thoughts on “Lose of Brenda’s Dear Friend

  1. Hi Brenda (& family)
    I have just learnt today of what is happening in your lives, and have spent the past hour reading all about it. I know you haven’t heard from me for quite some time Brenda, but I often find myself thinking of you, and to find out of all you gone through in the past few months brings tears to my eyes.
    Time and again you were a tower of strength to me when I was failing, you never had a bad word to say, just positive support and unconditional friendship.
    My thoughts are certainly with you all!
    Jo 🙂

  2. Bren my sincerest condolences on the loss of your dear friend. May your faith guide you through this troubled time.
    Hugs & kisses

  3. Great to find an update from you. Funnily enough for the last few days I have been going to ring you and find out your e-mail address. Looks like you all had a precious Xmas together. As always I have been thinking of you. I am having to work full time this week due to my secetary having to take the week off. Will call next week and hopefully get that coffee we have been trying to have since just before Xmas. Will speak soon. Keep smiling.
    Love Meryl xx

  4. HI guys!

    Thought I better check in as we haven’t heard from you on the WW group for a while.

    My heart felt sympathy on the loss of Kylie.

    Brenda I hope you are doing ok?

    Steve please keep us posted with brendas progress.

    Melissa and the gang from AusWW @ yahoo

  5. Brenda..was nice to read you had a lovely Christmas with your family. So sad to read about the tragic loss of your dear friend. My sincerest condolences to you.
    I hope you got your birthday card and hope the tune it played didn’t drive you crazy…for the few days I had it here before I posted it, it would start playing at random, and I had to hide it in the linen closet so I couldn’t hear it while i slept..but the giggle at the end was cute.

    Hope you are staying strong and positive, my thoughts are with you.

    Love Lisa

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