Brenda’s Progress #18

It’s now over a month since I last wrote an update.
My apologies.

Brenda opening a present

‘Brenda opening a present’

Christmas was a huge success. Brad and Teegan stayed Christmas Eve. I glazed a half ham on the bone and we enjoyed some of that on Christmas Eve. Christmas day turned out to be a mild day weather wise with the sun shining and the temperature only reaching the low twenties. I was up early Christmas morning to stuff the turkey and get it cooking. I put it in a roasting pan on the barbeque and put a hood over it. This makes a good oven outside and leaves the kitchen oven free for veggies.
Our friend Kylie popped in to wish us a Merry Christmas. Kylie always pops in on Christmas Morning as she does her rounds. We then opened a few presents before Brenda’s Mum and Dad and her brother Keith arrived from Collie. Brenda was still in bed so we all congregated in the bedroom with her. I was about to make a cuppa for everyone when the door bell rang. It was Mrs. Claus from down the corner. Our neighour Louella had dressed up in a Santa suit and came down the street bearing gifts.

Brenda and Mrs Claus

Brenda and Mrs Claus

She didn’t have black boots so she kicked off her thongs (flip-flops) at the door and came in barefooted. Everyone just loved it she keep complaining how hot it was in the suit and kept pulling at the beard to talk. We certainly had a good laugh. Louella was just leaving when another Santa appeared in the street. The Coogee Progress Association each year take Santa around the streets of Coogee in a open top car ringing a bell and handing out lollies to the local children.

Brenda and Steve

Brenda and Steve

Brian and Dale arrived and everyone relaxed with a cuppa and sausage roll or fruit mince pie. We had an ample supply of Christmas goodies as several friends and church ladies had cooked for us.
I am overwhelmed by the generosity of everyone.

Sarah and I prepared the veggies and started them going. We also had two Christmas puddings that Brenda’s Dad had made steaming away for dessert. You can see that we still celebrate Christmas in the traditional way.

Christmas Table

Christmas Table

When every thing was cooked it was time to carve the turkey and dish up. The turkey was lovely. It was so moist and tender. Brenda’s Mum certainly enjoyed it as she chewed on a wing.
Everyone at the table

‘Everyone at the table’

Then it was time for the pudding. I took control of the brandy bottle because if Dad gets hold of it the pudding gets flooded in brandy and if we light it we have to call the fire brigade.

Grandad's Christmas Pudding

Grandad’s Christmas Pudding

The pudding was great as always but for some reason there wasn’t any money to be found in it. I don’t understand that as every other year everyone usually ends up with about two dollar in their plates.

With lunch finished it was then time to relax and let lunch go down. Every one enjoyed themselves.

Brenda’s niece and partner Dean and their son Ryley came up from Collie for Boxing day. This was a very relaxed day with leftover ham and turkey with some salad for lunch. Ryley’s present from us was a fire engine and bubble maker fire extinguisher.
Ryley with Fire Engine

Ryley with Fire Engine

We also gave him a fireman’s suit. The suit was made by Kylie from his granddad’s (Cardiff Keith) old fire-suit jacket. Kylie managed to cut it down so she had enough to be able to make some pants. It had all the badges for the Collie-Cardiff Volunteer Fire brigade.
Fireman Ryley

Fireman Ryley

Keith has a shed on his property to house the tanker and Ryley often goes with him to fuel up etc.

Christmas was wonderful and the next couple of days were quite relaxed with visitors popping in and out.

God Bless and thanks to everyone

Love Steve

9 thoughts on “Brenda’s Progress #18

  1. Hi all,
    Well it looks like you had a great Christmas. Thanks for the update Steve. I have been checking in every couple of days to see how things are going. Everyone looks well and happy. As always Bren can manage a smile. Did you get my sms for your birthday hunni. I hope you had a great day then as well. Christmas here was pretty quiet but enjoyable all the same.
    Stay safe and happy all.
    Love & hugs
    Margie & crew

  2. Hi Blackstock family from Brissie! So glad you all had such a lovely Xmas together. Wish it had been that mild here on Xmas day!! I think we had something like 32 or 34…not nice with the humidity we get here but oh well, we all had a nice day anyway.

    I can’t believe that January is already over. I have worked (lots of hours) my way through with one day blending into another but am achieving my goal of paying those bills. Yay! Still a ways to go but I can see progress. I’m still loving my job and look forward to going to work.

    Nice to see you smiling Bren. Wish I could have spoken to you longer on your birthday but because you are such a special person, you had many people dropping by. Hope you got a well deserved sleep that night and enjoyed a wonderful day.

    Hope you are all doing ok. I think of you so often and am still praying for you all. One day at a time…right? Get plenty of rest my dear friend and I will ring you again soon.

    Love & lotsa hugs,
    Kel xx

  3. My love for Brenda over the years has never faded,we met in the West Country UK.Brenda was always full of fun and cared so much for others.
    My Mother and Father no longer with us loved having Brenda to stay.
    My heart goes out to you Steve,Robert and Sarah and the extended family.
    Rest in Peace.
    All my Love
    Karen xxx

  4. My love and thoughts are with you Steve, Robert & Sarah. Brenda was an amazing person who had a special place in my heart, she will never be forgotten. Rest in peace my friend. Jo xx

  5. Brenda was a special person, surrounded by special people. She will be missed my many.
    I send to you all my deepest sympathy.

    Love and Huggs from Lisa

  6. Even though Bren has gone we all have lovely memories that will keep her alive in our hearts forever. Thank you to Steve and family for keeping us informed and I am thinking of all of you at this time, especially tomorrow.

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