Brenda’s Progress #15

Well it’s a while since I gave you an update.

Brenda started the monthly rounds of chemo since the last update. We went to the Oncologist to start the chemo. He had checked her blood test and everything was normal to start the chemo. The chemo this time was three times the dose she had while having the radiotherapy. He also prescribed a anti-nausea drug as well. Brenda was to take the tablets for five days then have the rest of the month off.

The treatment started off OK but by day 3 Brenda very tired. Day 4 she spent in bed but picked up a little on day 5. On day 6 Brenda wasn’t good on her feet and Sarah thought she was slurring her words. Brenda had noticed this as well and was very concerned. I tried to contact her GP but he was off sick so I contacted the Oncologist Rooms. The Oncologist rang back later and when I told him what was happening he said that there could be some swelling in the brain around the areas that had been treated. He suggested that I increase the steroids. After the radiotherapy we had been reducing the steroids to a point that she would be off them in another week but now we were back up to the high dose. Well it did the trick within 24 hours she was back on her feet looking for things to do.

By the weekend Brenda was feeling well enough to go to church on Sunday. After church we went to the markets a brought some fruit and vegies. On the way home Brenda said lets go to Bunning nursery. We had a walked around and brought some seedling and some pots of colour. After lunch I set Brenda up out in the sun and she re-potted some of the hanging baskets, planted up a wooden wishing well her Dad had made and planted some of the seedlings in the front flower bed.

Brenda thoroughly enjoyed her time in the sun. This was really great therapy we both enjoyed it .

Brenda Potting up a basket

Brenda now feeling much better decided it was time for a new hair do. Brenda still has patches either side of her head without any hair. This is due to the radiotherapy. We went up to Morley to Curly Sue’s and purchased a wig. What a difference it makes, it gave her an instant lift. Brenda seemed to huddle over a bit when she had a hat on and didn’t look well at all, but the wig seemed to lift her and put a spring in her step.

Brenda's new Hair

10 thoughts on “Brenda’s Progress #15

  1. Hi Aunty Brenda,Uncle Steve,Rob,Sarah,

    We are happy to say Ryley and I (Dean had to work)had a trip to Perth and stayed for four days.We had a great time we went everywhere with Aunty Brenda (might I add). It was lovely to spend time with them all.Whilst it was sad to leave we knew we would be back soon for many more school holiday’s to enjoy together. Thankyou for making us so at home, we look forward to coming on the Christmas Holidays!! Thanks for the wonderful laughs.
    Lots of love to you all
    Dean,Christine % Ryley xoxoxoxox

  2. Hi Brenda,Steve,

    You are looking teriffic Brenda. The hairstyle suits you so well. What a great choice.
    Hang in there with the chemo even though it must be so hard, the results are proving themselves. God bless and love from Laurentia

  3. My dear Aunty Brenda,
    Just read your latest update and I must say you look beautiful in the wig, it really does suit you and to be honest you would never know it was a wig, close to a hair colour you have had before. Glad to hear all is okay, I know chemo must be knocking you around a bit but remember to keep strong and fight this. Sorry I havent called but please dont think we are not thinking of you, You are in my thoughts daily! I am now 29 weeks pregnant so getting closer and this baby is kicking me like mad. All is okay baby might have to come a little earlier but I’m getting there. Remember our promise to each other we are each going to get through this together. I shall call you in a few weeks when hopefully your feeling a bit brighter with chemo but I love you so so so so much and Michael sends you a big hug and kiss and lots of kicks and somersaults from baby Dalton. We love you
    xxxx God bless xxxxx

  4. Hi Brenda & family,
    You look wonderful…that style sure does suit you. Glad to hear that all is going well thus far. Still sending love & prayers across to you.
    All our love
    Margie, Wayne, Hannah & Brodie

  5. Hi Brenda Steve Robert and Sarah
    Just read the newsletter and saw your lovely photo’s… the wig looks great Brenda
    Hope to catch up very soon
    Love Jen xxx

  6. Hello Bren,
    Well you do look wonderful with your new hair do, it must be a boost for you when you feel like being taken out to church and local garden centre. I am always thinking of you and I know how difficult the Chemo is to take as it must make you very poorly, chin up and you will get through this very rough patch. Summer is on it’s way for you and I am sure the days will get better for you. Love to you all.
    Big Hug and Kisses,
    Great Britain

  7. Hi there Blackstock family! At my brother’s place so checked the site.
    Glad to see you got some ‘hair’ Bren. You know I understand what that feels like. Glad you are handling things the best way you can. You’re in my thoughts and prayers and once again I send big hugs for you and the rest of the gang as well.
    I had my yearly mammogram last week and saw the Dr on Friday. Everything was fine. Yaaaaay!!!! One more three monthly visit and then I’m on 6 monthly so all is good here.
    Only a month until I finish my Cert 3 in Aged Care and I love the work. I will graduate the same week as Belinda graduates year 12…how cool is that?!!
    Anyway, you look after yourself and stay positive my friend. Miss you…

    Love and many hugs,
    Kel in Brisbane xxx

  8. Brenda & Steve..Hoping for an update soon to find out how things are going. Here is a little something to to show I care. xxxx

    My thoughts are often with you
    My prayers are often sent
    The time it takes to send them
    Is time that is well spent

    If just one of my wishes
    Is granted and comes true
    Your life will be full of laughter
    And you’ll battle easily through

    Lisa Merchant

  9. Hi Bren and Family,

    Just hoping all is going well with the treatment and waiting for an update on how you are.

    Love and Hugs to you dear friend.


  10. Hi Bren and Steve,

    Your sunflower friend did herself proud. Even though I haven’t been down to see you, know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. Palliative Care sounds a wonderful helpful organisation. So glad you are getting some support there. Much love from Laurentia

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