Brenda’s Progress #14

Fantastic News

Brenda received the results of a MRI scan she had on Wednesday.

Dr Harper told Brenda that the tumor was now significantly smaller than it was post Op. Dr Harper was looking for at the least stability in the size of the tumor and would have been happy if that was the picture he saw. What he saw was something much better. He attributed this to the Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy treatment he had prescribed for Brenda. Had he seen the result he had expected then I would have said the treatment worked.
The result is significantly better and I attribute this to wonderful people who have shared in the treatment that Brenda has received. Those people with the vision to design the treatment regimes, the doctors who prescribe them, the technicians that administer them and to everyone who touches our lives as friends, family and those who share a common belief. These results are testament to the power of prayer and thoughts by people who do care for one another.

Brenda, Robert, Sarah and I thank everyone who took a moment out of their time to pray for us or think of us during the last 3 months. The journey is not over but the load is lighter. It’s like climbing Mt Everest you can’t do it on your own. You need a Sherpa someone to show you the way. You also need help carrying the load of supplies to sustain you on journey. You are the people who help lighten the load and make it possible to climb higher and higher. We hope to be able to reach the summit and we will.

After Dr Harper had looked at the scans he looked at Brenda and said.
I can see what’s in the scans but how do you feel?
Here is a Doctor who can look at all the technical information but still askes the question
‘How do you feel?’
Sarah responded saying “Mum must be feeling good as she was singing this morningâ€?
Brenda’s response that yes she was feeling better, the number of down moments had decreased.
Brenda must be feeling better she has had only one day over the past week she has taken to bed. Brenda has been pottering around the house. The washing machine seems to be going continually. I don’t know where she finds things to wash. She has been outside giving the plants some water and she told me she planted some bulbs. She doesn’t know if they will grow as it is a bit late to put them in plus she wasn’t real sure if they were the right way up but time will tell.

While we were at the doctors we had a most interesting set of co incidents. The doctor’s rooms rang to see if we could bring our appointment forward by 15 minutes. This we did and arrived on time. We were sitting in the waiting room which was empty except for Brenda, Sarah and I. There didn’t seem to be any activity in the treatment area and we worked out that it must have been a maintenance day for the machines which they do every second Friday. As we waited a fellow came into the waiting room and said hello. It was Frank who we had met during the treatment. Frank had requested he be allowed on another machine as this was his last treatment and he didn’t want to wait until Monday to get it. They gave him an appointment in the afternoon but changed it so he was to be at the Clinic at 3:10. Our appointment was changed from 3:30 to 3:15 which meant our paths would cross. Frank said hello and went off for his final treatment. We then saw the doctor and when we finished we went to reception to make an appointment for December. Frank and his wife Cheryl came out of the treatment area. It was smiles and congratulations all round for Brenda’s good result and Frank’s last treatment. It was so lovely to see Frank and Cheryl such a wonderful way to finish a visit to the doctors.

God Bless and thanks

Love Steve

8 thoughts on “Brenda’s Progress #14

  1. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY… JOYOUS… ELATED… OVER THE MOON..EXTATIC…That is wonderful news everyone. I am so happy for you Bren, (Can you tell), Still sending all our love and prayers from many miles away. You are in our thoughts daily, never a minute goes by that you dont cross our minds over here. Keep up the good work mate. I’ve rambled enough and probably given you a giggle (well I hope so).
    Love to all
    Margie, Wayne, Hannah & Brodie

  2. Great news!Thankyou for ringing me with the wonderful news,especially when you hadnt even arrived home from your appointment.Enjoy having Granny(Aunty Brenda’s Mum)visit I’m sure you will find plenty to talk about and have many laughs!!
    Well done all four of you for being so strong, you guys are a ‘true family’ always there for each other no matter what the hiccup.
    Bring on Christmas!!(Aunty Brenda loves Christmas!! Gives her another excuse to spoil everyone!!}
    Remember we love you guys…
    Lots of love
    Dean, Christine & Ryley xoxoxox

  3. Words can’t describe how I am feeling at this wonderful news. I know I haven’t kept in touch much lately but you are always in my thoughts. It has also been great receiving emails from you again. It will only be a matter of time now until we are chatting online again. I am so looking forward to that.

    Love and hugs


  4. Hey there Blackstock family. I get goosebumps every time I think of your wonderful news!!
    This is Kelly typing from Lisa’s place. I got off the phone from you the other night Bren and cried with joy at the news you had given me. I messaged Lisa straight away and the text came back “Wonderful News”.
    I continue to send warm, healing toughts your way on a daily basis. You are so lucky to have such wonderful support from your family and everyone else around you and miles away. You are very special to all of us so you keep on fighting girl!
    You know how to contact me anytime you need me. Stay strong my friend and I’ll stay in touch.
    Hugs to you all from Brisbane. Continue to stay strong for each other…

    Love from Kel xx

  5. How absolutely wonderful, words truly cannot express the feelings I have for this amazing news! Michael and I are just so so so so happy for you Aunty Brenda and I was so thrilled you called me straight away. Little Baby Dalton sends you lots of kicks and somersaults from inside the tummy and can’t wait for you to cuddle her/him when she/he is born. Already they know so much about you! The power of prayer and positive thinking truly does work. Your guardian angels and your special angel Joshua is watching you every day and helping you thats for sure. I thank God for answering my prayers and yours. I send you all my love and cuddles. Forever, Trish xxx

  6. Hello to you all. Fantastic news, that is just sooo good. Am so happy for you all. Of course it was a given that you would do it Bren, you were so determined. Enjoy your break from treatment and a well earned rest. Thinking of you and praying your for your continued progress. Love Laurentia

  7. Dear Brenda, Steve and family,

    So good to hear the positive news – I am so happy things are looking brighter. You’re in our thoughts.
    Lisa and Chris

  8. Hi to you all,
    Such wonderful news to hear from Christine that things are looking up. We are so happy for you all! The Bracelet you gave Chris is gorgeous and I know she will treasure it with all of her heart forever. Look forward to catching up next time you are in Collie. Take Care xxx
    Kylie, Chris and Declan

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