Brenda’s Progress #13

Hi Everyone

Today marked yet another milestone in Brenda’s Progress. Today was Brenda’s last Radiotherapy session. This milestone was met with mixed emotions. In one way it was a happy occasion, the end of a treatment phase, progress, a time to celebrate. We did celebrate; we went to Garden City Shopping Centre for some lunch and retail therapy. This was Brenda’s first shop since her operation and it was made possible with the use of a wheelchair provided by the Shopping Centre Management gratis.

In another way it was a sadder occasion. It marked the end of a regular trip to Wembley to meet the Clinic staff and other patients with whom you share your war stories along the way. The Staff at the Radiotherapy Clinic have been absolutely wonderful. Each day Brenda was greeted with “How are you today Sunshine?â€? by the Receptionist Lynda.
Lynda is such a bubbly person nothing seemed to daunt her (except for the Dockers losing to the West Coast Eagles). Lynda seems to be able to bring a smile to most patients some of whom are suffering quite badly.

Brenda & Lynda
Brenda and Lynda

Next we would go in for treatment. These ladies had so much patience setting the machine up, positioning Brenda in the right spot but also having time to see that Brenda was comfortable physically and emotionally as they did. We were always greeted with a smile and would find something to raise a laugh or a giggle no matter which ladies were present. One of the ladies had been there for each of Brenda’s treatments and today was no exception. Helen purposely delayed her break so that she could be there for Brenda’s last treatment.

M3 Girls
Veronica, Kaz and Helen at the Console of Machine #3

Preparing for treatment
Preparing for treatment.

Mask on ready to start.

Today Brenda wore one of her night time hats for a laugh. It was a reddy colour with Smiley faces on it. Yesterday she did the same with her teddy bear and hearts hat. The girls loved them and so did her doctor when we saw him yesterday.

Brenda and I wanted some way to say thank you so we decided we should take in a cake so that all the staff could enjoy with their morning tea break. We had our friend Kylie make a mud cake and ice it with a note from Brenda. We presented the cake to Lynda who was quite overwhelmed. Other staff were delighted with the cake and a photo was taken and put on the wall behind the Reception desk. Lynda also put a copy of the picture of her and Brenda up as well. Lynda also delayed taking her break so that she could be there when we finished treatment. As we were leaving we were speaking to Lynda and we realized that she attended the same primary school that Robert and Sarah went to.


Thank you note on the cake.

During the later part of the treatment we made the acquaintance of several patients and carers. One was Cheryl and Frank. Frank also had a brain tumor and had had his operation by the same surgeon as Brenda a week before hers in the same hospital, same ward. Both Cheryl and Frank were wonderful to talk to sharing our experiences as patients and carers. Another patient was Debbie who was having some problem with treatment and almost gave up last week but she is continuing and will have her last treatment tomorrow. These are special people willing to share and help ease the pain. We have exchanged contact details and hope to be in contact soon.

Now it’s time to relax for a few weeks. Time to let the treatment have a chance of doing it’s good work. A time to regain some strength.

Pastor Pattie and Pastor Murray visited this afternoon to mark the end of treatment and the beginning of the next. They bought flowers and a Smiley balloon. We had a wonderful chat. We thank them both for their prayers today.

God Bless

Love to you all


8 thoughts on “Brenda’s Progress #13

  1. Hi Brenda Steve Rob and Sarah

    This is a great website, thanks for working on it and allowing us to share a little of what you are going through. The wonderful things through all of this are both your great sense of humour and the support from Rob and Sarah; and secondly, the staff and other patients at the radiotherapy centre and other places you must visit as a result of the illness. I guess that somehow you just have to look for some positives. We are hoping to catch up with you before you go to Collie, for perhaps a bite of lunch or a coffee. Ian said he saw Steve and Rob and his girlfriend at Bunnings looking at hot water heaters. You definitely need running hot water in this weather, although the days are glorious. We think about you a lot and send you all our love. Now I’m going back over the website again, so I’ll sign off. Love, Michele.

  2. Steve and Brenda,
    What a fantastic job you have done with the website. It was great to read again the journey so far – Thank you Lord as we take “One day at a time”.

    Pastor Patti

  3. It is thanks to Robert that we have this website.
    I had the idea of sending out an email with the little write-ups in it. This is simple enough to do but it meant I would have to send out all the old emails to people who I would add to my distribution list.
    The site made it possible to have the whole story available to anyone who cared to look. It also allows people to comment for everyone to see.

    We have all appreciated all the comments and are truly grateful for your prayers and kind thoughts.

  4. Hi Everybody,
    just counting the sleeps till we see you in Collie Ryley counted 3 sleeps so see you in 3 sleeps.We cant wait and look forward to having lots of cuppas and chats oh and cake.
    Lots of love to you all
    Dean,Christine and Ryley xoxoxox

  5. Hi Bren

    You are now able to start enjoying your holiday in your favorite place, hope you and Steve have a restful time. You are so very brave,we do not know what you were going through before we saw the pictures of you in the Therapy Unit.


  6. Hi Everyone,
    We have had the pleasure of having Uncle Steve & Aunty Brenda in Collie since Friday we have seen them everyday and had many laughs,it has been great.As usual we have been spoilt by them but when have they ever listened when we’ve said ‘dont bring anything dear’!!!A very sentimental thankyou for my ‘trinket’ Aunty Brenda I will cherish it forever and never forget Granny’s story that came with it!!!chuckle chuckle!!
    Love to you all
    Dean, Christine and Ryley xxxxx

  7. We had a wonderfull tme in Collie with my break from treat it was so good to come and spend time with you all.
    christine i was so thrilled that you liked the gold bangle. something for you that was mine and for you to cherish. I was so happy to be able to come to pick Ryley up from school today. And a big thankyou from UNCLE sTEVE AND i for such a good time it was great. Look out we will be back soon . Once i have my new teat ment of chemo under way and it has all settled i would love to come back for a few more days.

  8. We cant wait for you to come back and visit us again soon.Ryley was so excited to have you both pick him up and is going to hold you too the promise of coming to his school for the next open day.We are thinking about always and especially 2moro…love and hugs to you all…
    Dean,Christine & Ryley xoxoxoxo

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