Brenda’s Progress #12

Things have settled down a bit. We both went to the Cancer Council to see one of their counsellors. He was very good and helped with a couple of suggestions that may help relieve some of the pressure. One was that instead of me stressing about work why don’t I take 1 or 2 days leave each week that way I won’t feel guilty about not getting back to work on time each day and we can spend it doing what we like.

The treatment is drawing to an end. The radiotherapy finishes Wed 17th Aug so that’s only 7 sessions left. The Chemo course finishes Fri 19th Aug then it’s a month off. The Surgeon has ordered a MRI scan for the 31st Aug and we see him on the 9th Sept. Bit of a wait between the scan and the surgeon but the Radiotherapy Oncologist will see if he can see us just after the scan. We are hoping the result is that tumour is the same size or smaller than immediately after surgery.

Brenda is looking like a well loved teddy at the moment, her hair has fallen out where the radiation enters and leaves her head. As she says something must be happening as her hair is shrinking so must the tumour.

We hope to spend a few days with Brenda’s Parents in Collie during her month off. Collie is about 200 kilometres away but just over a 2 hour drive. Then we also want to spend some time at Karri Valley, it is about 3 and a half hours away. It is a gorgeous spot in amongst the tall trees. It has chalets and motel rooms that extend over a man made lake. When the children were younger we took a caravan down there several times as they had a caravan park there but now they only have the chalets and motel accommodation.

Have a look



5 thoughts on “Brenda’s Progress #12

  1. Hi Steve and Brenda,
    thanks for the updates Steve. So glad to hear the progress is still happening. The scan has to be good as so many are praying for you Brenda. Enjoy your time down south. It is so beautiful there. Love to you both. Laurentia

  2. Hello to the whole family from the east. How very suitable that you look like a teddy Bren. 🙂 Great idea Steve to take a couple of days off a week as this will make things much easier for you and the family can also spend more time together. I send you love, big hugs, prayers and many thoughts for strength for you all. Give Chester a hug for me also. I miss that little guy as well as all of you. You all look after yourselves…

    Kel xx

  3. Hi everyone,
    nice to chat via the internet last night look forward to chatting again soon.
    Hey you better be coming to visit me I’m on the way to Granny’s!!
    love you all lots
    Dean,Christine & Ryley xoxoxo

  4. Hi all,
    Good luck with everything. Hope you enjoy your time away….it will do you both the world of good. Love hugs and kisses along with many, many prayers as always.
    Margie, Wayne, Hannah & Brodie
    PS we even had snow here the last couple of days…I have a special hat and scarf that keeps me very warm even if I look like a blue chook.

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