Brenda’s Progress #10

Hi Everyone

Good news we have now had four chemo treatments and all is fine. Brenda is using the different Anti-nausea drug and sipping ginger drinks. We have now run out of this anti-nausea drug so we will check with the doctor before the next chemo. It will probaly back to the original drug as the doctor said the nausea should settle after the first few treatments. The doctors can only perscribe 4 of the tablet she has just used so we will see tomorrow.
Today Brenda and I attended Sarah’s Church. We went last week but only stayed for about half of the service as Brenda was feeling a little weak. This week she managed the entire service and a chat afterwards. Just goes to show she is getting stronger and stronger.
Brenda has been feeling the cold on her head during the night so she has been wrapping her head in a scarf during the night. Its quite a sight, she looks like an indian reclining in the bed. She snuggles down in the pillows as well and the scarf kept coming off. A friend of Brenda’s (Maree) arrived on Friday with a hat she had made for her. Maree has a freind who makes babies bonnets out of fleccy material and Maree asked if she could upsize one for an adult. Her friend tried one and it is fantasic. It is so warm and soft and so comfortable Brenda sleeps with it on all night. It has teady bears and hearts on it.

Brenda Coffee
Brenda enjoying a coffee during her rehab at St John of God Subiaco Cafe.

God Bless

Love Steve

7 thoughts on “Brenda’s Progress #10

  1. Hi Aunty Brenda,
    Great to hear you are having the ginger treats we sent you.Stay warm.
    love to you all,
    Dean, Chrsitine & Ryley xxxxxxxx

  2. Hi Bren,
    glad to hear you are doing better. Love and prayers always to you and all your family. You are in our thoughts always.
    Margie, Wayne, Hannah & Brodie

  3. Hey Bren. Just to let you know that you are always in my prayers my friend. Hope this week goes smoothly for you. One day at a time and remember…This too will end.

    Just a note about beanies. I found a great thermal beanie in Woolies last year when I needed it. Nothing quite like a cold head huh? This stayed on without a problem during the entire night. Just thought I’d let you know.

    Big healing hugs…

    Love from Kel xx

  4. Hi Bren,
    Have just been catching up on your progress. We have been away all week, travelling around the countryside with our AVan, while you have been having chemo/ Radio etc and having a lovely time by the sounds of it. The nausea and vomiting would be a pain but you still sound as if your’re coping ok. Keep up the good work and the positivity. Lots of love to you both. Laurentia

  5. Dear Ryley.
    A big thankyou for my burger i will enjoy it. I AM SENDING you big hugs. Quess what my hair is growing fast. so i am sure it will be longer than Dads. Christine thankyou for the parcel with the ginger treats it does help lots.You are spoiling me. Lots of Love to you all Aunty Brenda .

  6. Hi Aunty Brenda,
    you deserve to be spoiled by us, you have been spoiling us forever.Dean’s hair is growing too!!so it must be the weather!!
    Love you lots
    Dean,Christine & Ryley xoxox

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