Brenda’s Progress #9

Hi Everyone

This week was the first week of treatment. We didn’t get off to a good start. Monday morning I was up at 7:00 to give Brenda an anti-nausea tablet then her chemo capsule at 7:30 then I made breakfast for 8:00. I then gave her other medications and injection. Brenda showered and then lay down. We had a 1:00 o’clock appointment at Radiotherapy clinic so we needed to leave home about 12:15 as it is a 30 minute drive.
Brenda went off to sleep and I started work while she slept. At 11:30 she woke and went to the bathroom. She had started to vomit. This settled for a while so we started out for the clinic. Not a very pleasant trip as we had to stop several times due to vomiting. We got to the clinic and had to wait a short while. Brenda had to go to the Ladies during the wait. Then it was her turn for therapy. The girls were great they helped Brenda on to the table of the machine. They then rested her head on a clear plastic platform set at an angle to the table. Then they placed the mask over her head and aligned it up with the machine using laser beams.
Poor Brenda she was still feeling quite sick and now she was attached to the table of the machine. She had horrible thoughts of being sick inside the mask. However she managed to control it until they had finished the treatment. When they sat her up she started again. The clinic has a nurse that sees patients after their first treatment so she came and got us and took us to the treatment room. She spoke to the doctor who ordered several injections the help the nausea. We gave that a while to act then it was home again. The journey home wasn’t quite so bad but it was no fun.
Doctor suggested we stop the chemo until we were due to see him on Tuesday. Tuesday’s therapy session was a piece of cake, in and out in about 10 minutes. We then spoke to the doctor and he suggested we change some of the medication and start the chemo again on Thursday after the treatment. This would give Brenda a few days on the chemo without worrying about the radiotherapy. We don’t have a clinic session as the machine is having maintenance work.
Well we will se how she goes. The doctor said he has patient that are sick on the first day then they are fine. I hope this is the case with Brenda. The radiotherapy seems to be making her tied some she has a nap in the morning and the afternoon. Apart from that she is doing quite well. Tonight she helped me cook a cottage pie. She did all the veggies by sitting at the table. She reckons it is a bit awkward but she managed to do it.

Welcoming Committee
The Nieghbourhood Welcoming Committee when Brenda came home.

Thank you for your prayers.
God Bless
Love Steve

One thought on “Brenda’s Progress #9

  1. Hi Aunty Brenda,
    just wanted to leave you a message online.We are all thinking of you and look forward to our daily text messages to and from you.Hope the postie delivered your parcel with ‘ginger’ treats.
    Love you heaps
    Christine, Dean & Ryley xxxxxxxxx

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