Brenda’s Progress #5

Hi Everyone
Things seem to be moving fast at the moment.

Brenda was transferred to the Transitional Care Unit (TCU) at St John of Gods yesterday. This unit helps patients regain life skills such as dressing, showering and just being able to serve yourself a prepared meal etc.

Brenda’s day starts with breakfast in the dinning room. A nurse will walk with her to the dinning room where she will get a tray-mobile and go to the bain-marie to get her breakfast without further assistance.
After breakfast it is a shower with assistance at the moment. Then dress herself in day clothes. She can rest on her bed till morning tea when it is back over to the dinning room. Back to her room then its Lunch about 12:30. The staff pop in and out as do the Occupational Therapist, Doctors etc.
Before afternoon tea all the patients gather in the dinning room for some exercises with the Physiotherapist. After that it is back for a rest before dinner then into her sleep wear and a relaxing night.

I’m exhausted just typing up her schedule so she must be exhausted at the end of the day.

Brenda’s Doctor today asked if she was looking forward to going home and her answer was a definite YES.
Brenda will be spending at least a week in this unit possibly two but at the end she will be coming home. Before she can come home the Occupational Therapist will come home with her and check out if there is anything required to be done at home.

Thanks for your prayers.

Love Steve

Brenda’s Progress issue #4

Hi Everyone
Yesterday was a big day for Brenda. Brenda was transferred to St John of God Hospital in Subiaco. At this Hospital she will be under the care of a doctor that will take care of all her needs. This will include physiotherapy, Occupational therapy, Chemotherapy Radio Therapy and any other therapy I forgot to mention.
It was rather sad leaving the comfort zone of the Mount Hospital. After 2 and a half weeks there we felt part of a big family taking care of Brenda. A family that not only attended to her physical needs but also her emotional needs. As we left yesterday the nursing staff lined up to say goodbye.
To all the staff at the Mount Hospital we like to say Thank you

Brenda’s rehab will start in the next few days.

Brenda’s Progress issue #3

Hi Everyone

I would just like to up date you on Brenda’s progress.

Brenda continues to improve daily with her mobility. She now only requires one person to assist her in and out of bed.

The last two days have been a bit tiring as she has been fitted with a mask for radiotherapy and a CT Scan to setup for the therapy.

This involved an ambulance trip across the City. Both days we had to have the ambulance booked so that we would have ample time to make to appointment. Then it was wait around at the clinic, have the procedure then book another ambulance back to the Mount Hosp.

The mask is made from a plastic that they soak in warm water for several minutes then place it over the patients face to mould it for an exact fit. Luckily the plastic forms a mesh so it not to claustrophobic. The worst part of this process is the patient has to lie on a metal table that is part of the Radiation machine. The Technicians use laser beams to line up the ears and eyes so that they can put the patient in this position when they do the treatment. The Mask insures that the head is in the right position each time.

The treatment will start on the 4th July and it will be 5 days a week for six weeks. Hopefully Brenda will be home by the start of treatment and I’ll be able to run her up and back. The treatment only lasts for several minutes but it takes about 10 minute to setup.

The CT scan will be used by the Doctor to setup where to target the remaining tumor. This is worked out by a computer and when Brenda comes in it will setup the beams in the right spots to attach the tumor.

We are now waiting to go to the Rehab Hospital. We think it will be St John of God in Subiaco but it hasn’t been confirmed yet.

Robert has setup up a site where I will post these reports. If you want to let anyone know of how things are progressing please go to

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers.
God Bless
Love Steve