Brenda’s Progress #7

Today was another milestone for Brenda.

After her afternoon exercise session I kidnapped her and took her down stairs to the Cafe for coffee. Brenda throughly enjoyed it, a coffee in a real cafe with real people in civies. We used a wheelchair to get there and back but it was still a wonderful experience. It was a bit chilly without a beanie on as we passed the main doors but next time I’ll remind her to put something on her head.

Later Brenda saw her Radiotherapy Doctor. He will now be giving her chemo as well. He hasn’t been happy with the other doctors he has appoached for the chemo. The Chemo will start when she starts the radiotherapy on the 4th July and last 6 weeks. The Chemo will be by tablet and administed at home but she will need some test as an outpatient during this time.

Brenda & Butterscotch with Mrs Olive her room mate

5 thoughts on “Brenda’s Progress #7

  1. Great to see the progress, can’t wait to your home full time so we can come round for coffee

    thinking of you always

    all our love

  2. Great to hear you’ve been out and about.
    Ryley sends big hugs, cuddles and kisses to his special Great Aunty Brenda.xxxxxooooooo
    We love you Aunty Brenda and will back to see you when Ryley doesnt have a cold.
    We love you

  3. Being able to watch your progress is great. You are all so brave and I admire you so much for your strength and courage. Our thoughts are with you, Hope to see you in Collie soon!!!
    Kylie, Chris and Dec xx

  4. Welcome Home!!
    You have achieved so much in the last 4 weeks we are very proud of you all.
    Cant wait to have that card making ‘girls weekend’ in Collie.
    Love you all
    Christine, Dean & Ryley

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