Progress 12th June 05

Hi Everyone

Thank you all for your kind thoughts and prayers.

Brenda is progressing well. She is now waiting for a bed at the Rehabilitation Hospital. The Physiotherapists at the current Hosp are helping her regain the full use of the left side of her body and she is now able to walk 20 to 30 meters with minimal assistance.

This week will see her at the Radiotherapy clinic for measurements for a mask. The mask is used to enable the technician to set up the machines quickly and accurately each time she goes for treatment. It also incorporates protection for her eyes. This will be followed by a CT scan the next day. We hope that she will be at the Rehab Hosp when treatment starts as this will minimize the time to transport her to the clinic.

Brenda is in good spirits as demonstrated when the Surgeon saw her on Thursday night. Brenda has had half her head shaved and the other half has been clipped short by the nurses. She asked the surgeon if she could wash her hair and he replied yes she could. Brenda then said to the surgeon than she was in a dilemma. The Surgeon asked why. Her reply was

“I’m not sure what style to have.â€?

The staff at the Hosp a great, they pop in and out to see how she is progressing and offer encouragement. They are so impressed with her attitude and amazed with her progress.

Thanks for all the flowers cards and prayers. Brenda is appearing on pray lists around to world.

That’s all for now.

All my love and God Bless


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