Brenda’s Health


You won’t have heard from Brenda for the last week. Well I have some bad news.

Brenda was admitted to hospital last Tuesday night with a brain tumour. She hasn’t been well for weeks now and her doctor has been trying various things to help her. In the last two weeks she had been getting unsteady on her feet and has had several falls. She agreed to go to the doctor last Tuesday and her GP noticed that her face appeared to droop on the left side. He immediately suggested she go to hospital for a Scan and tests. I took her to St John of God Murdoch where after a scan the doctor told us that she had a tumour of the brain. He had spoken to the best Neurosurgeon in Perth and he wanted her to go to the Mount Hospital where he would see her. She was transferred by ambulance and the surgeon saw her when she arrived at 8:00pm that night. From the scans he suspected a very aggressive tumour and had booked surgery for Saturday 4th June.

MRI scan further confirmed the worst and Brenda elected to have surgery with all it risks.

The surgeon was able to remove 50% of the tumour and Brenda pulled through the operation very well. She had started to lose some mobility in the left side of her body but after the surgery this appears to be improving. They had her standing less than 20 hours after the Op and she is still progressing well. She will remain in the Mount Hospital this week then will go to another hospital for rehabilitation. This will allow us time to set up support for her here at home.

The surgeon will also arrange for Radiation therapy to slow the growth of the remaining tumour. If the Surgeon had attempted to remove any more of the tumour it would badly affect her mobility and possibly cause severe paralysis.

Brenda and I have been receiving tremendous support from our daughter Sarah’s Church and friends and family here locally and to where ever the news has spread.

I will be checking her email so I can keep her in contact with everyone. I hope she will be back at the keyboard very soon.

Love from Steve

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